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15Sep 20

COVID-19 Safety Policy

At Northwest Return to Work, we prioritize the well being of our clients and staff, especially during this worldwide pandemic. As a result, we have several policies in place to…

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11Sep 20

Upcoming CARF Survey

A survey team from CARF International* will be visiting on October 15-16, 2020. We invited the surveyors to evaluate how well we meet international standards for quality. The survey will…

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Client Testimonials

They all seem to zero right in on your limitations, even if you weren't aware of them yourself. It's a friendly but professional place to address all your medical and rehabilitation needs. They will guide you to progress yet let you take the reins when an appropriate time arises.   

Truly grateful for everyone here. You guys are awesome human beings, and have helped bring me back to life. I wouldn't change a thing; just wish I had more time. Thank you all!!!!  

The extra human support that all the staff demonstrates for people gives the feeling of being with family, I will be forever grateful!! 🙂 Thank you very much!

Northwest Return to Work (RTW) has been a very beneficial experience. While injuring my shoulder has been a significant interruption of the routines in my life (working, driving, toddler parenting, dog humaning, archery and shooting), my road to recovery has been made effective, efficient and pleasurable by RTW. When I say RTW I mean the PT therapists I have worked directly with over the last 2-3 months, the other therapists, other employees (especially the front desk staff) and the other persons at the clinic. The environment is friendly, safe and very professional. I do plan to come back to use the arm bike and (of course) visit. I am back working and driving 100%. All other areas have a ways to go still, but are back to 80-90%. I have been instructed in many exercises and how I can / should do them on my own. I believe while not ready to let go of the inspirational support of RtW, I am prepared to continue the PT exercises on my own. Thank you to all at RTW.
The staff surpassed all my needs and did and an expert job of polishing my skills for returning to work. Thanks for having this service to help people return to a normal work life.

It was an excellent program for me. It exceeded my expectations. Especially since I received other services such as vocational counseling, psychologist, nutrition and a very professional treatment including my interpreter. Thank you very much!

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