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Black and white photo of man carrying long piece of iron rebar with company slogan "Back to work, back to life" above him.

This was a very worthwhile program that would be helpful to any person, whether you are hurt or not. For those hurt, it's very helpful, and for those who are not injured, it could possibly prevent injury. Thank you all so very much!

The staff surpassed all my needs and did and an expert job of polishing my skills for returning to work. Thanks for having this service to help people return to a normal work life.

When I started therapy here, I thought I had already progressed as far as possible toward recovery. After a little testing, all of the problems associated showed themselves. I really enjoyed the fact that exercises and therapy specifically targeted problem areas. While I feel like I have more to achieve with my recovery, I feel that we have made some progress. Overall, I am happy with that progress and I...

Thank you so much for your great services, it has been a great journey having my rehab through NWRTW. I will definitely come back if i need to, but i hope i don't have to. Thanks again for your services.

Very thankful for your team. They were genuinely concerned about my recovery. I struggled at first to feel comfortable and accepted but your team gently brought me into the fold. In addition to the excellent team the accommodations were comfortable and close to location. Thanks for your service.

I liked the work environment which is a professional team that gave me all the necessary help for my recovery from day to day. I know how to live with my pain and I am grateful for the opportunities that they gave me. I know that it will be useful for a future of my daily life in which I live it with different levels of pain...thanks for everything to...

Clinic Updates

14Feb 21

Clinic Closure Status Log

Closure Updates Last updated: 2/17/21 Status: Open for Regular Hours Northwest Return to work is open for regular business hours.

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01Jan 21

Clinic Vaccine status

Therapists now in group 1A for vaccines. To the clients and staff of NWRTW. Thank you all for participating in a trial of a year. We understand that the circumstances…

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