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“The staff here is outstanding. I feel like I have regained the ability to do the activities I did before my injury and I can continue to exercise on my own to continue to build more strength.”

For Attorneys

At Northwest Return to Work we appreciate the roles played by all our attorney stakeholders. Those who represent both our client’s and their employers. We believe that maintaining good relations with all parties will help facilitate the experience of our injured workers. We don’t believe anyone is served by not being recognized and respected in this process and in fact respecting people is one of our core values.

To this end we promise to provide excellent customer service and will make every effort to remain accessible to all parties in a claim. We also pledge to:

  • Provide excellent clinical services
  • Train our clinician’s about all stakeholder roles and the claims process of a work related injury
  • Focus on objective documentation rather than inferring the intent of any party
  • Be straightforward with our expectation of, and responsibilities to our clients and stakeholders
  • Communicate efficiently and professionally with all stakeholders

Workers compensation is our specialty and helping a client through this process and back to productive living is our passion. If you have any questions related to our services please call the clinic directly (425) 774-9564. If you have question after hours or you prefer to leave an email comment please contact us at

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