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Support statement for Black Lives Matter and Social Justice

Greetings friends of Northwest Return to Work,

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd that has propelled our country into a moment of profound examination and change, we wanted to take time to firmly voice Northwest Return to Work’s support of the Black Lives Matter movement and for the pursuit of social justice. We denounce all acts of racism, sexism, bigotry, and other belief systems that seek to diminish the value of others. Our core value of respect for people demands that we combat racism at a personal and systemic level. This value defines us as health care providers and provides an anchor for our mission as a rehabilitation clinic.

We will continue to build on our foundation of providing the most comprehensive therapeutic environment possible. It is important that our collective response is centered on love and unconditional care. In order to provide a place of healing, we strive to ensure that everyone, including our clients, staff, and stakeholders, feels welcome and safe within our walls.

What work will we do to help realize this vision?

  1. Maintain a zero-tolerance policy on racism, sexism, bigotry, or hate speech of any kind.
  2. Advocate for people who are marginalized by systems of deep-rooted injustice.
  3. Support diversity in hiring within our organization.
  4. Provide education and training for employees on these topics.
  5. Promote thoughtful, difficult conversations addressing racial injustice.
  6. Recognize our faults and shortcomings in these pursuits and remain committed to self-reflection and growth through education and conversation.
  7. Demand kindness, understanding, and the use of sensitive and inclusive language within our space.

We look forward to the positive changes that we believe will emerge from this time of increased activism and awareness.

Northwest Return to Work is a kind place. Northwest Return to Work is a safe place.

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